Henry Dana Ward 1797

Henry Dana Ward

Born in 1797 in Shrewsbury, Henry Dana graduated from Harvard with an A.B. in 1816 and an A.M. in 1819. He was ordained as an Episcopal minister and had parish in Virginia. Henry Dana Ward married twice: Abigail Porter Jones, his first wife, died 1837 in NYC. He then married Charlotte Galbraith in 1842 in Charleston, West Virginia. He fathered 4 children in his second marriage. He moved with Charlotte to New York City and together they founded a girls’ school there. Henry Dana wrote Free Masonry: Its Pretensions Exposed in Faithful Extracts of Its Standard Authors (1828) and other monographs. He retired with his family to Philadelphia., PA and died in 1884. His son Henry Galbraith Ward bought the Ward House back from foreclosure and later sold it to Artemas Ward.