Published Material

Published material relevant to the Museum includes recent articles and books as well as published historical documents written by or relating to the Ward family. Many of these resources are available online through the Harvard University Libraries. The links lead to the Harvard Library catalogue entry or to the item itself, wherever possible.

Historical Documents:

Anonymous. A Vindication of the Nomination of Thomas W. Ward, Esq. to the Office of Sheriff for Worcester County; and the Motives of his Opposers Exposed. Worcester, 1805, 28 pgs. Harvard Library Link

Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. First Congregational Church. Church and Parish records, 1723-1941 Harvard Library Link

Vital records of Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, to the end of the year 1849. Published : Worcester, Mass., F. P. Rice, 1904. Harvard Library Link

Ward, Andrew Henshaw. History of the town of Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, from its settlement in 1717 to 1829: with other matter relating thereto not before published, including an extensive family register. Boston : S.G. Drake, 1847. Harvard Library Link

Ward, Andrew Henshaw. Ward family, descendants of William Ward, who settled in Sudbury, Mass., in 1639: with an appendix, alphabetically arranged, of the names of the families that have intermarried with them. Boston: S.G. Drake, 1851. Harvard Library Link

Ward, Artemas, 1727-1800. Microfilm edition of the papers of Artemas Ward microform. Papers, 1721-1953

Ward, Artemas, 1848-1925, compiler. The grocers’ hand-book and directory for 1886. Philadelphia: Philadelphia Grocer Pub. Co., [1886], c1882. Google Books Link

Ward, Artemas, 1848-1925, ed. Fame. New York: A. Ward] v. 1- ; Mar. 1892-Apr. 1938. Google Books Link

Ward, Artemas, 1848-1925. The grocer’s encyclopedia : a compendium of useful information concerning foods of all kinds : how they are raised, prepared and marketed : how to care for them in the store and home : how best to use and enjoy them, and other valuable information for grocers and general storekeepers. New York: A. Ward, 1911. Harvard Library Link

Ward, Elizabeth. Old times in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts: gleanings from history and tradition. New York : McGeorge Printing Co., 1892. Harvard Library Link

Ward, Henry Dana. Free masonry : its pretensions exposed in faithful extracts of its standard authors : with a review of Town's speculative masonry : its liability to pervert the doctrines of revealed religion : discovered in the spirit of its doctrines and in the application of its emblems : its dangerous tendency exhibited in extracts from the Abbé Barruel and Professor Robison : and further illustrated in its base service to the illuminati by a master Mason. New York, 1828. Harvard Library Link

Recent Work:

Allis, Frederick S. Jr., ed., R. Bruce Pruitt, assoc. ed. Guide to the microfilm edition of the Artemas Ward papers. Boston: Massachusetts Historical Society, 1967. Harvard Library Link

Baker, Andrew and Holly Izard Paterson. “Farmers’ Adaptation to Markets in Early Nineteenth-Century Massachusetts.” Annual proceedings Dublin Seminar for New England Folklife. Boston: Boston University, 1986.

Baker, Andrew H. and Holly V. Izard. “New England Farmers and the Marketplace, 1780-1865: A Case Study” Agricultural History, 65, no. 3 (Summer, 1991), pp. 29-52. JSTOR link

Burley, Angelyn Jefferds. “General Artemas Ward, A Study.” Published by the Artemas Ward House Museum, Jun. 13, 1950, 9 pgs.
Crawford, Mary Caroline. Among Old New England Inns. Boston: L.C. Page & company, 1907, 381pgs. Harvard Library Link

Gaskell, Ivan and Laurel Thatcher Ulrich. "A public patriotic museum": artworks and artifacts from the General Artemas Ward House. Harvard University Art Museums gallery series; 53 (Cambridge, MA : Harvard University Art Museums, 2006). Harvard Library Link

Izard, Holly V. “The Ward Family and Their ‘Helps’: Domestic Work, Workers, and Relationships on a New England Farm, 1787-1866.” Proceedings of the American Antiquarian Society 103 (April 1993): 61-90. Harvard Library Link 
Larkin, Jack. “‘Labor is the Great Thing in Farming’: The Farm Laborers of the Ward Family of Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, 1787-1860.” Proceedings of the American Antiquarian Society 99 (April 1989): 189-226. Harvard Library Link

Lenger, John with photos by Kris Snibbe. “This Old House: General’s historic homestead, long a puzzle for Harvard, has potential as teaching museum.” Harvard Gazette, May 22, 2003 Harvard Gazette Online Archives

Martyn, Charles. The life of Artemas Ward, the first commander-in-chief of the American Revolution. New York : A. Ward, 1921, 334pgs Harvard Library Link

Martyn, Charles. The William Ward genealogy: the history of the descendants of William Ward of Sudbury, Mass., 1638-1925 New York : A. Ward, 1925, 749 pages. Harvard Library Link

Sibley, John Langdon. Biographical sketches of graduates of Harvard University, in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Most volumes authored by Clifford K. Shipton, under the title Sibley’s Harvard graduates ... Biographical sketches of those who attended Harvard College. Cambridge, MA: Charles William Sever, University Bookstore, 1873-1999. Harvard Library Link

Smith, James Ferrell. The rise of Artemas Ward, 1727-1777 : authority, politics, and military life in eighteenth century, Massachusetts. Dissertation at the University of Colorado, 1991. Harvard Library Link

Society for Preservation of New England Antiquities. “The General Artemas Ward Homestead.” Old-Time New England. 17, no. 4 (April 1927).