Unpublished Material

Unpublished documents relevant to the Museum include documents by professional and amateur historians and papers written by Harvard students. The secondary literature covers a broad range of topics, while the student papers highlight the historical significance of particular objects in the collection. The list on this page is not comprehensive, because many documents are only available onsite.

General Secondary:

Anonymous. “Baldwin Tavern”

Clark, Francis E., Rev. “Found in an Old Trunk.” Christian World Endeavor. Might be available at Harvard – depends on the year

Cormier, Robert J. “Allen vs. Ward: Religion, Sex and Politics.” 1992, 101pgs.

Cormier, Robert J. “Artemas Ward of Shrewsbury.” Nov. 20, 1985, 18pgs.

Cormier, Robert J. “The Escape of Jolley Allen.” 1987, 40pgs.

Harlow, Henry J. “General Artemas Ward Homestead.” Written for the magazine Antiques, unpublished. Author interpreted the house as it is now, including 1970s renovations.

Izard, Holly V. “Domestic Labors and Laborers.” Have permission to use, but need to send list to check on completion, etc.

Izard, Holly V. “Notes From Ward Family Letters.”

Izard, Holly V. “A Primer on the Ward Homestead.” Aug. 27, 1998. 4pgs.

Izard, Holly V. “Shay’s Rebellion, Artemas Ward, and the Shrewsbury, Massachusetts Regulators” With Appendix: Shrewsbury Mass Regulators

Izard, Holly V. “Ward Barn: Its History”

Izard, Holly V. “Ward Family Genealogy, Wills, Bills, Deeds, Letters.”

Izard, Holly V. “Ward Homestead, Shrewsbury, Massachusetts; a fairly concise history.” Jul. 23, 2000.

Izard, Holly V. “Ward Homestead Overview, Genealogies, Chronology, and Room by Room Evaluations.” Nov. 23, 2004, 12pgs.

Stone, Alden C. “Artemas Ward and the Town of Ward.”