Ithamar Ward 1752

Born April 24, 1752 in Shrewsbury MA and died July 2, 1828 Shrewsbury. He married Phebe Parker (1755-1789) of Shrewsbury Dec 7, 1778. Married Anna Powers of Phillipston, MA October 1790. She died in 1794. Married Sarah “Sally” Parker of Phillipston, Jan 17, 1796. She died in 1841. He was a minute man of Job Cushing’s company, Artemas Ward’s regiment and marched from Shrewsbury at the alarm on April 19, 1775. After his first marriage he moved to Gerry, later Phillipston, MA where he was a lieutenant in the militia, a magistrate, and representative in the General Court. His thirteen children were all born in Phillipston.